All appraisals are USPAP compliant and are performed by an accredited AMEA member. (American Machinery Equipment Appraiser) .

We provide nationwide equipment appraisals for the following:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Bankruptcy
  • Damages for Insurance Loss of any kind
  • Lender Financing (purchasing / leasing)
  • Auctions
  • Estate planning and settlement
  • IRS
  • Property Tax Appeals

Attention homeowners in Grand Traverse, Emmet and Oakland County: Need an appraisal?

The top seven reasons why Oakland, Macomb homeowners hire Silverpilen Corp.:

  • To get a pre-listing appraisal (whether they're selling the home on their own or using a real estate agent)
  • Challenge a property tax assessment
  • To lower their mortgage payment by removing PMI
  • To reinstate your Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)
  • To review another appraiser's report for verification
  • In the case of a Oakland, Macomb divorce, when real estate needs to be divided
  • To determine the true market value of real estate in question to settle an estate in Oakland County or the state of Oakland, Macomb

Do you own a home in or near Grand Traverse, Emmet? Do you need help determining the value of your real estate?
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We at Silverpilen Corp. understand the individual needs of a customer after appraisal services. Our business practices and reporting formats are relatively routine to our business clients like lenders, lawyers, and accountants. Being a regular consumer that probably doesn't see an appraisal on a regular basis,you will receive extra guidance and explanations through the appraisal process to more clearly understand what we do and how we report the results of our analysis.

Pre-listing Services/For Sale By Owner

Since you have an emotional attachment to your house, it's often very hard to be objective about it. Our professional appraisers at Silverpilen Corp. are objective. We won't just tell you what you want to hear, we will tell you what you need to know. A professional appraisal is very valuable as a negotiating tool once you have a likely buyer, in addition to helping you set a realistic price to sell at so your home will attract buyers. It's something tangible to show the buyer. It's an independent third party's opinion of your home's value, and not just you saying how much you think your house is worth. Interested buyers know that you have an emotional attachment to your house and will be far more likely to give credibility to an expert appraiser's value estimation than yours.

PMI Removal Appraisals

PMI stands for Private Mortgage Insurance. A popular way to cut expenses for homeowners is getting the PMI removed from their mortgage loan, thus saving them money on their monthly payments. Your monthly payments will go down once your mortgage loan is less than 80% of the value of your home. In most cases you can apply to a lender to have the PMI canceled from your loan. We are experienced in helping consumers just like you remove unwanted and unneeded PMI insurance.

Challenge a property tax assessment

If you live in a local area that is declining or not appreciating as much as other houses close to yours, your local tax assessor may have your home overvalued. That only means you are going to pay more taxes than you should. The quicker you take care of things like this, the better off you'll be, since your property assessment may likely go up again in the next period. A professional appraisal from Silverpilen Corp. is your number one weapon when contesting your property tax assessment.

HELOC recently frozen?

Your lender just might decide to automatically freeze your home equity line of credit (HELOC) if your house is close to a declining area -- even if your specific property has not declined in value. Not only can this be troublesome from a cash flow standpoint, but it can be damaging to your credit score since it may appear as though that credit line is maxed out. A professional appraisal from Silverpilen Corp. can help you reinstate your HELOC.

Need Field and Desktop Appraisal Review Services?

Do you need a seasoned expert to double-check your appraisal for preciseness, or do you want a second opinion without the added cost and delay of waiting for a whole new appraisal? In a field review we will go out and check the subject and comps. Or, if you're in a rush, we can provide desk review and verify as many facts as we can using online data sources as well as our own files.

We can also provide a retrospective review of any appraisal report you may have in your possession. While typically requested by banks, you may need to employ this service if you suspect mortgage fraud related to your property.